Gospel Treasures
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Category:  Spiritual Studies
Subcategory:  Bible Studies
Language:  English
Publisher:  Northwestern Publishing Association
Type of material:  Pamphlet
Pamphlets are sold in packages of 100 copies
Folding type:  2-fold (Half Fold)
Barcode:  9780984480012
Size (Inches):  5½ x 8½"
Weight:  1.5 lb / 0.68 kg
Product code:  00052
Retail price:  $6.50
Wholesale price:  $5.53

Description: Gospel Treasures Studies have been prepared with the purpose of having you receive the blessing of personal Bible Study. These series contains 30 studies covering all major biblical topics related to personal preparation for the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, salvation and happy Christian life here on Earth; it also cores the most important prophecies of Daniel and Revelation (Prophetic Chart is included). Study by your self and share these blessings with relatives, neighbors and friends.